With more than 35 years of experience and expertise, ERI Group is a world-class, multidisciplinary team that spans the entire process of bringing a medical product to market.

Projects we have had the opportunity to be a part of are featured below.


Critical Care

Disposable airway CO2 sensor
Hypothermia induction device
Enteral feeding tube safety equipment


Circulating tumor cell filtration system


Hand-held surgical laser
Microdermabrasion machines
Hand-held dermabrader

Diagnostic Assays/Research Equipment

Micro-fluidic cartridge/instrument
Microscopy with computer image analysis
Differential thermographic imaging system

Emergency Medicine

CPR patient positioning system

Kidney Dialysis/Blood Processing

Home dialysis systems & equipment
Blood component separation/recombination system
Hemodiafiltration module
Precision ultrafiltration controller
Magnetic dialysate conductivity sensor
Blood product treatment system
Blood and air leak detector
Galvanic dialysate conductivity sensor
Medical database software


Electronic tonometer
Ultrasonic biometer/pachymeter
VHF ultrasonic anterior eye imager
Ophthalmologic Sterile disposable

Pharmacy/Drug Delivery Systems

Automated IV compounders
IV compounder integrated camera
Prescription entry software
IV bag scales
Automated syringe filler
Low-cost syringe pumps

Respiratory Therapy

Battery-operated ultrasonic nebulizer

Stem Cell Culture / Implants

Incubator control system
Bone distractors


Sterile disposable endoscope lens cleaner
Flexible micro-endoscope system
Multi-mode electrosurgical system
RF tissue tightening equipment
Cranial electro-stimulation equipment

Thoracic Surgery

Computerized perfusion controller

we do it all

We built ERI Group intentionally to be multidisciplinary and inclusive, and we can provide you with anything and everything you need to bring a product to market. Design, engineering, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, and quality assurance all under one roof.

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