cell sorter

bigfoot cell sorter

The Bigfoot Cell Sorter with Sasquatch Software (SQS) provides the power, safety, performance, and flexibility for your lab today and into the future. With a custom designed, integrated Class II biocontainment cabinet, provides safety and protection without compromising high parameter sorter performance. Multi-tube input paired with 18-way virtual sorting with integrated temperature control gives flexibility for all your applications.



Focusing on the needs of the end user and how they interact with the machine was a very high priority during development. We spent multiple days in labs filming, interviewing, and compiling data about how researchers interact with these types of machines. This data and information directly impacted our decisions in regards to the overall form and available work positions for the machine.


Users were observed transitioning from sitting to standing near the machine depending on the task at hand. The work surface, monitor, and keyboard needed to adjust accordingly in order to meet the needs of the operator. We also worked on including storage and space for the specific items used during machine operation.