The Opportunity

Using human factors design to develop and manufacture a groundbreaking CPR device

Did you know CPR is only successful in 6-10% of sudden cardiac arrest cases? Despite being one of the leading causes of death globally, sudden cardiac arrest has seen few (if any) updates to the standard of care for medical professionals over the last 50 years. In 2015, however, Minneapolis-based AdvancedCPR Solutions (ACS) introduced a breakthrough new technique called ElevatedCPR that aimed to drastically improve survival rates and create a new standard of care for cardiac arrest.

The Solution

Seamless mechanical, electrical, and software design for a revolutionary CPR device.

ACS brought a concept prototype for a CPR patient positioning system (ElevatedCPR) and asked that it be engineered into a commercial product suitable for use in emergency medical situations. The concept prototype was based on research which showed that a 30-40˚ elevation of a patient’s head and thorax when applying CPR during sudden cardiac arrest cases increases the success rate by a factor of four. Using a structured approach to create and implement the project design, ERI Group tapped into the skills and expertise of its entire team—development, quality, regulatory and manufacturing—to bring this groundbreaking device to reality.

The Result

ACS named their new product the EleGARD™ System.

Shipment began in March 2019 and volumes are ramping up as market acceptance grows and the results in human use become evident. ERI Group designed and manufactured the EleGARD™ CPR Patient Positioning System using a human factors design approach to assure that wide variations in human anatomy were taken into account. The design process included mechanical, electrical and software design. ERI Group studied protocols, crafted a quality management system and performed testing and analysis while working with ACS, providing a product that seamlessly fit the vision of ACS’s concept prototype.