Product Design
& Development

Your medical innovation begins here.

Great ideas should never go to waste, especially when they have the potential to actually save lives. We believe in your innovation, and we have the technical expertise and development capabilities to bring it to life.

Our product development team will lead you through the process of product definition, feasibility studies, product design, and verification and validation. Managing the project to your timeline and budget, we will collaborate with you to chart a course for success. Because we are fully integrated across our multidisciplinary teams, our product development team will be accountable for quality assurance, regulatory compliance and manufacturing considerations, as well.

Design & Development Capabilities

Systems Engineering

  • System architecture and subsystem interface definition
  • Product requirements development and traceability through integration, verification and validation
  • User centered design and Human Factors Engineering
  • Risk Management: Hazards, Fault Tree, FMEA

Electrical Engineering

  • Digital and Analog Design, control systems, electrical safety, EMI/EMC
  • PCB design, layout, and test
  • RFID, FPGA, DSP, Wireless communication, sensors

SW Engineering

  • Embedded systems, firmware development
  • ISO 62304 full software documentation development
  • Application Development

Mechanical Engineering

  • Solid Modeling, design of single-use disposables, Design of integrated systems, high speed mechanisms, fluid handling mechanisms,
  • Design for assembly, design for manufacturing, reliability engineering, design for injection molding, design for sterilization and cleanability
  • In-house machine shop, 3D Printing, and prototype injection molding

Industrial Design

  • Design Research, observation, competitor studies, market research, product definition
  • Ideation, visual language, concept generation
  • Sketch modeling, quick prototyping, early market testing
  • CAD development, form development, CMF design
  • Prototyping, 3D rendering

Program Management

  • Project leadership and planning
  • Budget and schedule tracking and communicate
  • Management of project risk

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